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Gallery/Gift Shop wholesale: $400 minimum order plus shipping and 7% GST (Canada)
Retail mail order: $150 minimum order plus shipping and applicable taxes (Canada)


slimy slugs with googlie eyes slugs bent over the edge of a shelf bike trail squished slug with tire tracks

6-inch flat slugs    (Retail $16.95)

Bent slugs   (Retail $16.95)

Mountain bike trail slugs  (Retail $21.95)

I started making the glass slugs in 1997.  The 6-inch long slugs are not an unrealistic size for this region of the West Coast.  These slugs became instantly popular as a novelty gift item for slug-hating gardeners, as well as a nice piece of recycled glass art for visitors to the rainforest region.

Following is a description of the slug casting process.
The making of these slugs requires the melting of a small amount of yellow colored glass in the furnace tank full of green transparent glass, and the careful removal of the color and placement in the mold.  The result is a green slug with a yellow head and yellow "banana" markings.  The eyes are then applied after removal from the mold. 


Click on photos to see enlargements

using recycled spectrum glass cullet
adding COE 90 color chips to glass tank
glass casting spectrum cullet

little chips of Spectrum-220 yellow

placing chips on molten green glass

pouring into the mold

The yellow patch of molten glass is gathered up carefully with a small ladle.  The portion of the glass with the yellow patch is carefully poured into the head region of the slug mold first, then trailed along to fill the rest of the mold. 


hot slug ready for manipulation with torch
mark lauckner mayne island glass
lampworking cast glass while hot

The glass fresh out of the mold 

bending the head down with torch

pulling out the eyes on the bent slug.


recycled glass art rainforest slug
ladle casting colored glass

The finished slug is ready to be loaded into the annealer.

Overlapping pouring waves determine pattern.

Thanks to Tom Hobley for all the photos of the hot working process. 




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