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Commemorative Insulators

Announcing: New Full-size Set Issue
CD-162 Commemorative Insulators

Embossed Skirt: H. G. Co. PETTICOAT, Base: Lauckner 2010

Bad economy buster:

Order now
and receive 1 extra color,
(Sapphire Peacock!)


Ready to go!      Free shipping!      $195.00


7 colors in the set:


Screaming Orange Amber with Oxblood Swirls

An amazing vibrant color with ruby oxblood swirls.


Ruby Red

A true ruby red, rich enough for back-lighting but also light enough to show the red color on an opaque shelf.

Cobalt Blue

A medium-density blue allows light to pass through the full dome glass


Brilliant Yellow Amber

A true rich yellow


Dark Teal Blue

Similar to the Canadian teal ponies, but a lighter density to compensate for the the glass thickness


Emerald Green with Olive Green Swirl

A nice medium emerald tone, with olive amber swirls

Swirled Purple

Medium density of SCA with darker purple swirls throughout




VISA (call with card number
250-539-2031 - 9-5 Pacific time)


Personal check or Int'l Postal Money Order
(to: Mark Lauckner, 27-8 Skana Gate Rd,
Mayne Island, BC Canada V0N-2J0



These are hand-pressed in the pioneer method, with straw lines, bubbles, etc., in my own glass studio.

No pinhole or threads provides full dome glass.
Made in accordance with the National Insulator Association's guidelines for reproductions.



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